Beautiful and good for the environment: the YOSMO Bamboo collection

It is now clear that plastic is not a sustainable material. The plastic soup has a considerable effect on the earth, but fortunately the beauty industry is increasingly switching to more sustainable materials that have a smaller, or even no, impact on the environment. A good example of this is bamboo, known as the panda's favorite food, but a major player when it comes to sustainable material and excellent for use in beauty products. We at YOSMO think sustainability is important, that's why there is the new YOSMO Bamboo collection! In this blog you will get to know the products and we will tell you everything about why bamboo is the future.

Why sustainable?
We have just been told that bamboo is a sustainable option, but why is this the case? Bamboo is an extremely fast and easy-growing grass, which means that it can be harvested often compared to, for example, trees or cotton. Everything from the bamboo plant can also be used, from trunk to shoot to leaf. In addition, bamboo does not require much space, which means that relatively more can be harvested than other plants. Another great advantage is the strength of the roots of bamboo. When bamboo is harvested, these roots remain in the ground and are therefore able to produce a new bamboo plant in no time and there is therefore no question of deforestation.

Air purifying
In addition to the fast and easy growth, the bamboo plant also purifies the air and is able to capture an enormous amount of CO2 from the air, even more than trees. In addition, it also produces thirty-five percent more oxygen! Are you already convinced of the power of bamboo? Hang on, because we're not done yet. In addition to air-purifying properties, bamboo does not require pesticides due to its naturally present antibacterial properties. A great advantage for the environment, but also for the people who work with bamboo.

Hugely diverse
Convinced of bamboo? It gets even better. As mentioned, everything from the plant can be used, resulting in a huge arsenal of products that can be made from bamboo. A small selection of the possibilities: bedding, medicines, biofuels, clothing and of course beauty products.

Bamboo collectionThe Bamboo collection from YOSMO consists of two types of hair combs, a hair brush and a set of two toothbrushes. The Bambuu Hair Combs are both made of one hundred percent bamboo and are extremely gentle on the hair and scalp. In addition, the bamboo ensures that your hair does not become static, how nice is that? The Bambuu Hairbrush has the same effect on the hair, massaging the scalp and improving circulation. Also, the naturally produced oils are evenly distributed over the scalp. So win! The toothbrushes are also made of one hundred percent bamboo and the brushes themselves are free of harmful plastics. A sustainable and also beautiful choice.

Will you shop it?

Bamboo is a wonderful raw material when it comes to beauty products, both for the environment and for the eye. Which product will soon be in your bathroom?



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