How to survive the winter: tips to let your skin and hair get through this fall

Winter has an effect on our skin and hair: a dry, red, perhaps even painful, pulling skin is something that many people recognize. The skin needs extra attention during the winter. The temperatures are colder and the air is a lot drier, which means that the skin and hair themselves can also dry out faster or feel that way. The production of sebum is also much lower in winter. Sebum is produced by the skin with the aim of protecting the skin against external influences. In addition, winter also affects the hair, just like the skin, moisture is extracted faster and there is a high chance of static hair. To protect your skin and hair as best as possible, these blogs follow a number of tips. Not this time, winter.

1. You can learn how to hydrate

As mentioned, cold temperatures and dry air dry out your skin and hair. This makes it important that you keep your skin and hair well hydrated. If you normally use a (day) cream for normal skin, you could opt for a (day) cream for dry skin in the winter. A moisturizing mask from time to time is also a good idea. Products containing honey and/or coconut milk have been shown to be effective against dry skin. The same actually applies to the hair, provide moisturizing products, use conditioner more often against static hair and take a hair mask a little more often. Shampoo or hair masks with argan oil or avocado oil are very good for dry hair. This is not only nice for your hair, but also enjoyable for yourself. Win win!

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2. Don't shower too hot

Although it is very tempting to take an extra hot shower, this can cause even more dryness of the skin in the winter months. Therefore, make sure that you do not shower too hot during the winter months. An additional tip here is that it is better not to go outside with wet hair when it is freezing. Wet hair can freeze, causing it to break easily.

3. Also lubricate in winter

You would think that you only need sunscreen in the summer, but nothing could be further from the truth. On sunny winter days the sun can be very bright, especially on these days it is important that you protect your skin against UV rays. Because the skin is already sensitive to dryness in winter, it is all the more important that UV radiation does not dry out the skin further. This is especially important for the winter sports enthusiasts among us!

4. Protect yourself from the cold

Make sure you have warm clothes for your whole body. Protect your scalp and hair with a warm hat and tuck wet hair into your coat, instead of letting it dry in the winter environment. Suffering from cold itself is not nice, it is even worse when your skin and hair suffer from it too much. So pull out that thick scarf, put on that warm hat and let winter come!

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