Tips for the perfect selfcare (Sunday)

We all need time for ourselves, how nice is it to use that time to take extra care of yourself? Selfcare is a broad term these days, but it encompasses all kinds of things that are good for yourself. For example, you can think of activities that help you relax, such as sports or meditation. Selfcare can also mean that you take the time to take care of yourself completely in terms of body with an extensive scrub or a mask, for example. Because selfcare is important, this blog contains a number of tips for the perfect selfcare (sun) day.

1. Schedule it

Life nowadays is hectic, many people experience stress or a high workload and there is little time for relaxation. Yet it is extremely important to relax every now and then, even if you don't seem to have time for it. What can help with this is planning a day, evening or even just a few hours for yourself. This way you make that appointment with yourself and you can (or should you even) give it priority.

2. Find out what relaxes you

The moments you schedule for yourself should provide real relaxation for yourself. You could spend a free evening tidying up/cleaning and although this can provide peace of mind, it is not equally relaxing for everyone. Ask yourself what you really need during such an evening or day and try to stay close to yourself, this time is for you and not for someone else. Would you like to take a bath, then take care of yourself from head to toe and watch a movie in your bathrobe with a glass of wine? Perfect. Are you more the type of working out hard, followed by meditation and extensive cooking for yourself? Also perfect. Everything is fine, as long as it contributes to relaxation for you.

3. Beauty all the way

I think almost everyone agrees with me when I say that there is no feeling as nice as wonderful care for skin and hair. Such a selfcare moment lends itself well to an extensive beauty treatment for you, by yourself. Epilate your eyebrows, scrub your skin well or take a nice face mask. Or give yourself a facial massage, take care of your hair extensively with a mask and play your own pedicure. It has a relaxing effect and you do your skin and body a favor with it.

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4. Standard selfcare

Selfcare is not a matter of a few hours a week of course, in general it is important that we take good care of ourselves. This also includes a healthy diet and drinking enough water, but of course also chocolate from time to time. Sleep and stress also contribute greatly to how we feel. Sufficient sleep is essential to function properly, don't underestimate this! It affects our hormones, digestion and mood, among other things.


Ask yourself: am I taking enough time to relax every now and then and am I actually taking good care of myself? If not, see this blog as an invitation to do this a little more often. If so, keep on going. Your mind and body will thank you.