Hair trends for spring 2022

We all know that seasons come with new fashion and beauty trends. This is also the case this spring, when there is again plenty of inspiration in the field of hair trends. In this blog we list the biggest trends and hope to give you enough ideas for your next visit to the hairdresser, because let's face it, nothing is as nice as a new look, right?


There is a good chance that you have noticed this for a long time, because the bangs have become very trendy in recent months. Love it or hate it, but you can't ignore it this spring. Bangs do not have to be standard, you can choose from all kinds of options. We will see short the most this spring, but bangs can be done in so many ways. If you find taking straight, short bangs a step too far, you can also go for the slightly less fierce look. You can also go for curtain bangs, in which you leave the locks a little longer and curl if necessary. Or you can opt for the slightly more subtle, angled bangs.

The bob

This too can be a pretty big step if you have long hair, especially if you're going for a short bob. This spring the long bob is very trendy, that might make the step a little smaller. Contrary to previous trends, the bob doesn't have to be straight this spring, but it can all be a little looser and wavy. In addition, the bob can often be found in combination with the bangs, if you want to go for a completely new look.

Low ponytail

The tail isn't just a backup plan for when your other coupe doesn't work out. The ponytail is always a good option! This spring, the low tail is trendy, the look that can be both chic and casual. You can comb it back tightly, or go for the slightly more casual look and let go of some tufts. Such a low tail is especially nice in combination with a striking silk hair tie from YOSMO or with your own hair tied around it for the all natural look.

Natural hair

What we are also going to see this spring is wearing your hair the natural way, so no straightening and curling irons, no paint, no wigs. Just your hair as it is in its pure form! This may sound strange as a trend, but it's also partly to give our hair a rest every now and then. It doesn't always have to be styled, tight or completely curled, it can also just be how it is naturally. The easiest trend to participate in, we thought ;). A nice accessory is the YOSMO Silk Hairband.


Hair bands, hairpins, colorful elastic bands or even a crown, the accessories are all the rage this spring. Nice to wear with both loose and solid hair and often it provides just that little bit extra to your hairstyle. I hope you got enough inspiration after reading this blog, if you want a new haircut! If this is not the case, we just go for natural hair and we still join the trend!

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