How can we in the beauty and skincare industry have less impact on the environment?

The beauty industry has an impact on the environment, we can't deny that. Most of the products are chemically made in a lab, during this process waste products end up in the environment. Not only the waste, but also the products that you and I use and rinse off our hair and face, end up in the environment. Or just think of the amount of plastic used to pack everything, or the small plastic granules in our scrub or toothpaste? Although this is of course not a nice thing, we can all make sure that the impact is as small as possible. Fortunately, more and more major players in the beauty industry are focusing on green and ecological. For example, there is considerable recycling and more use is made of natural and sustainable products. In this blog I will take you through how we in the beauty industry can ensure that we have less impact on the environment. Let's go.

Fast beauty, no to that

You may have heard of fast fashion, in which trends alternate at lightning speed and therefore an extremely high and fast production of clothing has to be realized. Completely the opposite of sustainable and fair clothing and therefore not good for the environment. Unfortunately, we see the same thing in the beauty and skincare industry these days. New trends follow each other, followed by mass sales of the product, where after a few weeks a new trend follows and you no longer use the old stuff or throw it away. Sure, you can indulge in something new every now and then, but if we keep sustainability in mind, this shouldn't become the norm. The materials for fast beauty are generally cheap, not sustainable and therefore not environmentally friendly.

Natural and biodegradable products

Most beauty and skincare products are made on the basis of chemicals that are not biodegradable. Fortunately, nowadays there are also many options to buy natural products that are biodegradable. These substances do end up in the environment, but they are neatly broken down by nature and they do not pollute the world. Of course you don't have to switch to 100% natural products immediately, but you could now look at the ingredients list when you buy a new product and go for biodegradable. Every bit helps!

Zero waste

Your scrub comes in a plastic tube with a plastic cap. This tube comes in a box, which is again wrapped in plastic. You buy the scrub and get it in a bag. All plastic and unfortunately often not recyclable, which means that it directly contributes to environmental pollution and the plastic soup. Okay, this may be a harsh example, but in many cases, unfortunately, this is the truth. Fortunately, there are now many zero waste options available and you can do your best to waste as little plastic or other material as possible. For example, instead of cotton pads, you can buy washable cotton pads. Or you could purchase a scrub glove that is washable, rather than a new tube of scrub every month. Nowadays, companies are also opting much more often to package their products in glass or cardboard, and they use recycled material. You can also keep this in mind when you buy new products. Zero waste also includes being economical, so you can use your shampoo, cream and masks sparingly and only purchase new products when this is really necessary.

What do we do at Yosmo?

The environment is important to us, which is why we use as little packaging material as possible and our shipping material is recycled. We also send the items in a reusable bag. For example, YOSMO has a complete Bamboo collection, which is sustainable. We value ethically responsible beauty and skincare products. We work with very small producers who pay attention to the environment and the people who work there. Of course we do not participate in the fast beauty industry, all our items can be used for the long term. We believe in a sustainable beauty industry with as little impact on the environment as possible.