How do you organize all your beauty products?

What about the organization of your beauty products? Do you keep everything neatly together or is it semi (un)organized in a drawer? Or is it just total chaos? Organizing your beauty products provides an overview and saves time during your routine: no more searching for that one consealer or eye cream, because you know immediately where it is! Are you ready for a reorganization of your entire beauty stash? Then this blog is for youou!


Before we start with the reorganization, it is important that we take a look at what needs to be organized and what can possibly be thrown away because it will not be used after all. So, check all your drawers/bins/beauty cases and check what can go and what you want to keep. Additional tip: if you are still working on all your products, check the expiration date. Make-up, creams and masks also cannot be kept indefinitely, if you use them after this date, there is a greater chance of skin irritation: so throw them away!

Pick your way

Organizing can be done in many ways and you can do it as extensive or simple as you want. You can purchase trays/baskets and use them to decorate your drawer or cabinets, but you can also collect all kinds of trays or jars from the house and use them for a playful effect. Put all your eye pencils/eyeliners in an old jam jar for example and all your brushes in a nice coffee cup. It's about keeping the beauty products together for each purpose or routine. You can put all your products that you normally use every morning together, or you can choose to group all creams, make-up, bath items, et cetera together. It is useful to have the products you use most often within reach and to put products you hardly use in the back of the drawer/load. We always have a number of products that we use on a daily basis, it is very handy when they are all together and you can go through your routine without searching!

YOSMO Spa Make-up Organizer

Do you want to organize your products and have something beautiful to look at? As mentioned, you can organize in all kinds of ways, the YOSMO Spa Make-up Organizer is a super handy beauty tool where you can store your beauty products. This organizer has a luxurious look and makes your bathroom look like a spa! The box is transparent with a brown undertone that fits in every (bath) room, perfect for keeping your soaps, bath foam, masks, but also very handy to store your make-up and creams.

Keep it that way!

The hardest part is not organizing itself, but maintaining it. The first days it's easy, all your products are nicely organized and this makes it easy to keep order. But once (and I speak for myself) once something is out of place, chaos can quickly take over again. It can help to check every week how the chaos is, if a number of things are not in place, this is a small effort. But, if this doesn't work, this gives you every reason to just do a new reorganization in a while, no problem either!