All You Wanted to Know About Acrylic Makeup Organizers from YOSMO®

YOSMO® makeup organizers are inspired by the smart and chic beauty enthusiasts such as yourself. They have a distinctive style, which is unique, original, attractive and functional – all at once. They are made from cast acrylic material.

The YOSMO® quality

As we often tell customers who ask us if acrylic is the same as plastic; while acrylic is plastic, not all plastic is acrylic. We are going to tell you more about acrylic in this article, but first here’s a brief intro to YOSMO® acrylic makeup organizers.

YOSMO® is a Dutch company; all YOSMO® clear acrylic makeup organizers are designed in the Netherlands. We work with the leading manufacturers of quality acrylic products, specifically cast acrylic products, around the world.

We create makeup organizers using only top-rated money value acrylic sheets. Our products are of the highest quality. They are well designed, fully functional and transparent. Made from clear and transparent acrylic, with smooth and polished edges and a fine finish.

In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised at how clear and transparent our acrylic makeup organizers are. You can’t get a more luxurious storage system for your makeup kit at such an affordable cost anywhere else.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a very clear and transparent high grade plastic made from petroleum. It is one of the different variations of clear plastic, which is commonly used in manufacturing. It is a transparent polymer which is used as an alternative to traditional glass, which is too heavy and brittle, and liable to break easily.

Acrylic or polyacrylate is a petroleum-based thermoplastic. It is made from a combination of Methyl Methacrylate and Poly Methyl Methacrylate. At YOSMO®, we make use of only cast acrylic products, also called as Lucite Acrylic.

Lucite is a special type of acrylic, easily the best. It is commonly used to make home furnishing and considered to be a better alternative to glass because...

#1: Lucite is flexible and malleable, compared to glass

#2: It weighs less than glass

#3: It is clearer and more transparent than glass

This makes Lucite acrylic an ideal material for our makeup organizers. Moreover, we make use of only handcrafted acrylic for our products.

What’s Hand-Crafted Acrylic?

There are two ways of manufacturing acrylic – injection moulded acrylic and hand-crafted acrylic.

Injection moulded acrylic is made by injecting the acrylic into a mould. Advantages of this method are that it requires less work compared to hand-crafting and hence costs much less.

Hand-crafted acrylic is more labour-intensive – all joints are bonded by the artisans using their hands. They make use of solvent agents for melting the material together.

This method certainly takes a lot of time, and is more expensive than injection moulding, but it gives you high quality acrylic products which are strong, crystal clear and have no defects whatsoever.

What’s the Difference between Cast Acrylic and Extruded Acrylic?

You will come across two terms quite often – cast acrylic and extruded acrylic. We have already talked about cast acrylic products. Extruded acrylic products are those that are made from the injection moulding process discussed above.

The main difference between extruded and cast acrylic products is the production process. Cast acrylic products are produced by mixing the acrylic ingredients in a liquid form with the moulds. This leads to a chemical process which creates a homogeneous material.

Extruded acrylic is made by pushing a mass of acrylic through a form, which is followed by a chemical process. Extruded acrylic is heterogeneous and is not of the same high quality as cast acrylic products.

Benefits of Cast Acrylic Products

#1: They do not scratch too easily

#2: They are of a heavier variety

#3: They do not get discoloured or turn yellowish over time

#4: They are clear and transparent, come with a fine finish and polished lines; just perfect for makeup organizers.

What are Cast Acrylic Products Used for?

#1: Makeup organizers – We discuss how to make clear acrylic makeup organizers from cast acrylic products next.

#2: Architecture: They are used to make doors, windows, patio roofing, sound barriers, protective glasses and lot more in residential and commercial buildings.

#3: Furniture: Acrylic is used to make coffee tables, lounge chairs, cupboards and more.

 #4: Automotive and Transportation: Quality acrylic products are used to make various automotive components in cars, boats and trucks because of their clarity and optical quality.

How Is a Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer Made?

There is a definite process that goes into the manufacture of clear acrylic makeup organizers. We give a brief overview of how acrylic makeup organizers are made here:

Step #1: The liquid acrylic is first pressed into fine sheets between glass moulds and heated slowly.

Step #2: The standard acrylic sheets obtained from the Step #1 of the process are of size 1250 x 2450mm. They are too big for the drawers which we use in our makeup organizers. This is cut into smaller pieces using laser cutting and hand crafted to make drawers, frames and lids and glued together. The acrylic sheets have a clear crystalline appearance. We don’t want the edges to be too sharp, as that could lead to injuries. So, we make sure to polish the edges as much as possible from the safety perspective.

Step #3: We then carry out a systematic quality inspection of the product. The makeup organizers thus created are cleaned thoroughly to prevent any build up of dust or pollutants. We make use of our own special cleaning formula for this.

 Step #4: A lot of attention is given to the packaging. Acrylic is much stronger than glass and does not break into pieces if it was to fall down. But is it still quite fragile and acrylic makeup organizers have to be handled carefully. We use thick packaging materials to keep the makeup organizers safe and intact during the transportation.

Here’s what you should know about YOSMO® acrylic makeup organizers...

#1: We do the design and conceptualization of the makeup organizations and outsource the manufacturing to trusted outside companies. We use only carefully selected cast acrylic sheets and hire only the best manufacturers for this process.

#2: We use laser cutting to cut the sheets into pieces and hand-crafting to put them together to form the organizers.

#3: The process takes a lot of time since it is hand-crafted and requires a great deal of precision.

#4:  We make use of special laser machines for cutting the sheets. We use flames for polishing and a special glue for putting the pieces together.

#5: All of our manufacturers have employees who are certified to make these products.

YOSMO® acrylic makeup organizers are clear, transparent, luxurious and durable. They are the most efficient way to store your favourite makeup collection.

You may want to have a look at our catalogue here. If you have any queries about our products, address them to, or just leave a comment below. We will be sure to get back to you ASAP.