Beauty myths debunked

Applying toothpaste to pimples makes the pimples disappear faster, shaving makes hair grow back thicker and when you pull one gray hair out of your scalp, two more come back. Do you recognize these sentences? The beauty world contains many statements or 'wisdoms', but unfortunately a large part of this is not true. This blog debunks the most commonly used beauty myths. Curious? Then read on!

Oily skin needs less hydration
Oily skin is moist enough, you would say. Unfortunately, this is anything but true. Oily skin means more sebum production and has nothing to do with the amount of hydration. In fact, if you do not moisturize oily skin sufficiently, the sebum production balance can be disrupted, causing the glands to produce even more sebum and increasing the chance of oilier skin. Whatever your skin is, moisturizing is always necessary. Choose water-based products instead of oil and avoid alcohol in products.

Too much makeup causes acne and other skin problems
Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but makeup itself does not cause skin problems. The problem here is in removing the makeup. Anyone who wears (a lot of) make-up must ensure that all make-up is also removed. When the make-up stays on for too long, the skin can breathe less well and then irregularities do arise. But if you remove your make-up properly, you don't have to worry.

Sitting with your legs crossed increases the risk of varicose veins
This is a very old one, but it is often said that sitting with the legs crossed gives a greater chance of varicose veins because the vessels would be pinched. This is not the case, varicose veins are caused by other factors such as old age, obesity, immobility and genetic factors. Still, sitting with your legs crossed is not very conducive to posture - says science - but you won't get varicose veins from it.

Chocolate gives you pimples
How many times have you heard this one? A sad statement if you ask me, but is it true? On what basis was this statement brought to the world? Chocolate contains cocoa, milk powder and fat. The last two ingredients may have a negative effect on the skin in some individuals. Cocoa itself has a positive effect on the skin and is full of antioxidants. Whether you get pimples from chocolate is therefore different for each individual and depends on the components of that chocolate. Are you sensitive to pimples, but would you like to eat chocolate? Then choose dark chocolate! It contains almost no milk.

Regularly cutting your hair ensures that it grows faster

Nope, your hair follicles have no idea of ​​the length of your hair. It is true that regularly updating the dots ensures that you have to cut smaller amounts. Do you wait a long time to update? There is a good chance that a considerable piece will have to be cut off! So basically, regular touch-ups make for longer hair, not faster-growing hair.

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