What is dry brushing?

What is dry brush?
Dry brushing, you've probably heard of it before. Or have you ever seen a brush like this hanging somewhere? Dry brushing is a thorough brushing of your skin with a wooden brush. A method that was used by the Greeks centuries ago and is still used today for the care and improvement of our skin. But what exactly does it do and what are the benefits of dry brushing? I will tell you more in this blog.

The skin

I'm guessing that when you think of an organ, you don't immediately think of the skin. Still, the skin is our largest organ. It offers protection against just about anything from the outside, such as heat, cold or the sun. It is therefore important to take good care of the skin.

How does drybrushing work?
Dry brushing is done with a wooden brush with soft bristles on a dry body. It is intended that the whole body is brushed, starting at the feet and towards the heart. During brushing, circular movements are made, from the inside to the outside. All this to stimulate blood flow. Dry brushing does not have to be hard, just not. It's best to use gentle movements as we don't want to exfoliate the skin.

The benefits of brushing

Dry brushing ensures that many dead skin cells are removed, so that the skin can breathe better. In addition, it ensures better blood circulation in the skin and better drainage of waste products through the lymphatic system. So it has a positive effect on our health. In addition, brushing has even more advantages, it ensures, among other things

  • A tighter, even and more radiant skin
  • Relaxation
  • Less ingrown hairs
  • Less cellulite

Tips for brushing

Would you like to start with dry brushing? Make sure you purchase a brush with soft bristles that are natural and not synthetic. It is also useful to purchase a brush that is small, so that you can reach everything. It is best to brush before you take a shower, so you can immediately rinse everything that you brushed off, which is great! Start with your feet and take your time the first time you brushed, after all, it also serves as a bit of relaxation. Don't press too hard, it doesn't have to be a scrub. Make circular movements and slowly work your entire body. Pay attention to wounds, it is best to skip them. Keep in mind that the skin may turn a little red, but this is not a bad thing, this is just a sign that the blood flow is in full swing.

When you are done brushing you can rinse the brush. You don't have to clean it thoroughly every time, but once every three weeks, for example. As a final tip, I would like to give you to brush no more than two or three times a week, your skin also needs time to recover.

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