What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a popular treatment or beauty technique that ensures that your skin looks fresh and youthful and, above all, feels very soft. Basically you could say that you shave your face with a wafer-thin blade, in order to remove all dead and dull cells. To teach you everything about dermaplaning, I will take you with me in this blog and I will teach you what the technique entails and what the benefits are of dermaplaning.

Exfoliating the skin

Dermaplaning consists of exfoliating the skin, which actually means peeling the skin. We all know that peeling our skin now and then is good, but why? Peeling the skin removes the dead or dull cells from the skin and stimulates the skin to make new cells, which improves the skin. If the dead or dull cells are normally left on, your skin may look less clear and there is more chance of dry skin or breakouts.

The treatment

As I mentioned earlier, dermaplaning is a bit like shaving. A wafer-thin surgical blade is used to remove the skin cells and fine hairs from the skin surface. Don't worry, the blade is not used for cutting and the treatment does not hurt! You could see it as if your skin is being scraped with the blade. The skin is kept taut and every part of the skin is treated gently. 

Who is dermaplaning for?

Dermaplaning is suitable for most skin types and is used for skin on the cheeks and forehead. Because the skin around the nose and eyes is more sensitive, it is not used here. People with extremely sensitive skin or acne should avoid dermaplaning, as this would only damage the skin more.

The Effects of Dermaplaning

Soft skin
Because the down hairs are also removed in addition to all dead skin cells, the skin feels very soft after the treatment. By removing the hairs, this ensures that make-up stays better on the skin. Don't worry, the hairs don't grow back thicker or darker as is sometimes said. The downy hairs grow back exactly as they were originally.

Improved skin
Peeling the top layer of skin improves the texture of the skin and can leave the skin feeling firmer. Dermaplaning can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles or scars. In addition, skin care products are more likely to penetrate deep into the skin, which ensures a greater effect of the products. The effects of dermaplaning can be seen and felt for up to four weeks. After these four weeks you can simply repeat the treatment if desired.

Dermaplaning can be a nice treatment for when you are ready for a fresh, renewed and, moreover, soft skin.

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