Why a microfiber hair towel does more for your hair than a normal towel

How do you dry your hair? Do you blow dry it? Do you let it dry in a towel for a while or do you let it air dry? Or do you gently dry your hair with a towel, or are you team rubbing hard with a towel? There are many ways to dry your hair and let's face it: not every way is equally good for your hair. Unfortunately, I have long been guilty of rubbing my hair dry rather hard, this causes the hair fibers to break down and makes your hair fluffy too. What can be said with certainty is that drying your hair is better than letting it air dry. While this may seem like the safest way to go, water puts more pressure on the hair shaft, eventually weakening your hair. So dry! This blog is about drying the hair with a towel and did you know that using the right towel can make a world of difference to your hair? By using a microfiber hair towel, you dry your hair without damaging it. Curious? Then read on.

Why you should be careful
Our hair has a bit to endure. Outdoor air, rain, wind, sunlight, caps, hats, elastic bands, hair bands: our hair is exposed to everything! So every reason to take good care of our hair and although most of us already do, using the right towel can make a big difference to your hair. An ordinary towel consists of cotton. These are large coarse fibers that have a high absorption capacity, they are fine for the skin but actually too rough for the hair. By drying your hair with a 'regular' towel, you create a lot of friction and hair can easily break. In addition, an ordinary towel has such a great absorbent capacity that it removes moisture from your hair too quickly and, as it were, pulls your hair and dries it out. When you rub dry your hair with a regular towel, you can guess what effect it has on your hair, but luckily it can be done differently!

Microfiber towel
As the name suggests, a microfiber towel consists of mini fibers that are much finer than those of a regular towel. Because the fabric is so finely woven, it glides through the hair instead of causing friction, so your hair will not be damaged. Microfibre has a good absorbency like a normal towel, but due to its structure, the moisture is gradually withdrawn from the hair, so that it does not dry out. In addition, the fabric is very light and soft, dries quickly and takes up little space. Reason enough to exchange your regular towel for a microfiber towel before drying your hair.

Do not rub, but squeeze!
There are different techniques to dry the hair with a towel, you can choose to roll the hair in the towel or you can squeeze your hair dry. Squeeze yes, don't rub. Rubbing damages the hair and while it is tempting to dry those strands 'just as quickly', you better take your time. Gently squeeze your hair dry with the towel and take your time. Prefer to put it in the towel? Do not do this for hours, because as described earlier, too much water is not good for your hair. You will also find microfiber towels at YOSMO, made of fine quality fabric that is soft and good for your hair. Shop them here!