At what age should you start using eye care?

We all know that unfortunately our skin does not stay young forever, but with the right care we can slow down this process a bit. When it comes to skin care, prevention is more important than treatment. By this I mean that it is better to start taking care of your skin young, so that the wrinkles develop less deeply or later instead of only starting to lubricate when you notice that your skin is less firm. Of course, aging is also related to environmental factors, such as exposure to dust or sun, and genetic factors also play a major role. However, with the right skin care, much can be prevented and/or slowed down. In this blog I will talk a little more specifically about eye care and from what age you should start applying it.

Why eye care?

The skin around the eyes is more fragile than the rest of the skin, this is because the skin is thinner, contains no sebaceous glands and is more prone to when we think of rubbing the eyes and blinking. Moisture also easily accumulates and the first wrinkles often appear here. So it is all the more important to take good care of the skin around the eyes! But when should you start doing this? As early as possible! Skin aging starts when we are twenty-five, the earlier you start, the more you can support your skin in this process. Have a good routine that takes care of both skin and eye, later you will thank yourself when you look in the mirror!

Tips for the right eye care

There are several ways to do eye care. For example, you can opt for a daily cream or serum, an occasional nurturing eye mask or you can use eye drops. What is especially important is that you use products that are actually intended as eye care. As already described, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and you can have the opposite effect with the wrong products. For the same reason, it's also important that you don't apply masks and scrubs too close to your eyes.

There are different types of options when it comes to eye care. There are creams that ensure fewer circles under the eyes, fewer wrinkles or can slightly reduce the well-known 'puffy eyes'. One option that is suitable for everyone is a moisturizing eye cream or gel. Because the skin is so thin, the skin around the eyes always benefits from extra hydration. Another good point to look at is whether it offers sun protection, which is unfortunately lacking in many eye creams, but is extremely important when it comes to preventing skin aging.

The time is now! 

The time to start eye care is now! I hope you've got enough information to make a good choice when it comes to eye care, the most important thing is that you start taking care of your eyes, your skin deserves it. Later will be glad you started today!