Tips to color your hair (healthy)!

Dyeing your hair regularly is great fun, but not very good for your hair. Paint products in many cases contain many harmful substances that do not really contribute to the health of our hair. However, there are also ways to color your hair in a healthier way. That is why this blog contains a number of tips that can help you dye your hair in a healthy way, because a new color is great, but should not be at the expense of hair health.

1. Choose a product without aggressive chemicals

Most hair dyes available at the drugstore contain chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. By using products that do not contain these substances, you reduce the chance of drying out your hair. It will also look healthier and the color will last longer if you do not use these substances. In addition, the chance of an allergic reaction is a lot smaller! Enough reason to take a good look at the ingredients list of the hair dye.

2. Choose the right color

By choosing the right color you can avoid having to paint more often. The less often you have to dye, the healthier your hair is and will remain. The advantage of healthy hair is that it retains color longer and we want this of course. When choosing the color, pay attention to your natural hair color, choose a color that is not too far from your natural hair color. It would be best to go no more than two shades lighter or darker. It is also important to choose the right color for your skin. Does your skin have a rosy undertone? Then choose a warm color paint. Does your skin have more of a yellow undertone? Then go for a slightly cooler shade.

3. Support your hair with the right hair care

Dyeing your hair can be quite a burden on your hair, so it is important to take good care of your hair after coloring. Fortunately, there are shampoos on the market that are intended to provide your hair with the right care and to keep the color beautiful for as long as possible. In addition to a special shampoo, also use conditioner and take a hair mask once a week. If you would like to style your hair with heat, for example by blow drying, apply a heat protector first. Safety first.

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4. Don't wash your hair too often

By washing your hair often, the color will fade faster and look dull. In addition, you remove good nutrients and natural oils from your hair if you wash it too often, causing the hair to damage and dry out faster.

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5. Get your hair cut before coloring

Dead ends absorb much less pigment. This can cause color difference in the hair, so you should dye it more often. This is of course not the intention, so it is wise to have your hair cut before dyeing. Relax, just the dots.

6. Don't just paint it

And last but not least, make sure you have healthy hair before coloring it. If your hair is not completely healthy, dyeing the hair can cause drier and less healthy hair and of course we don't want that. We go for healthy hair, because healthy hair is beautiful hair!