Skincare trends for 2022

Fortunately, skincare moves with people and the world, new things are learned about skincare every time and trends are constantly changing. Also in 2022 there are a number of trends that are definitely worth trying and perhaps adding to your own routine. The trends can be summed up in the following three words: protection, minimalism and sustainability. Are you reading along?

Facial massage

Massaging your face has a number of benefits, such as it stimulates blood flow so that waste products are better disposed of and it could contribute to reducing bags under the eyes. Thank god this is becoming a trend, because in addition to the fact that it contributes to the health of the skin, it is also extremely relaxing. You can massage your face with a jade roller, but 2022 promises much more good. Hello technology! There are already several massage devices on the market especially for your face, which makes it even easier. Like the YOSMO 3D massage roller. 


Less is more is the trend! This applies to both makeup and other beauty products. Instead of a number of different skin products, a cream for every part of your face or several masks, the trend is to stick to the basics and let your skin perform its protective power itself. Also in terms of make-up, we will mainly see the natural look or even no make-up. A good excuse to go out without make-up, after all, you follow the trend, right ;)?

Protection from within

Instead of using creams that nourish and protect the skin from the outside, we also look at how we can protect the skin from the inside through healthy nutrition. The focus is on healthy food with sufficient vitamins and minerals that contribute to the health and firmness of the skin. Of course we know that fruit and vegetables are good for us, but the fact that they contribute to the protection of the skin makes eating them a lot tastier!

Protection against blue light

There has never been a time when people spend so much time behind a screen as they do now. The smartphone is in the hand all day long and people often stare at a computer screen. These screens emit blue light, which could have an effect on the skin. A skincare trend that we will see this year is protecting the skin against this blue light. You can protect your skin by using cream with UV protection, also indoors. In addition, there are special glasses on the market that protect your eyes against this same light.

Eco products

The latest trend revolves around sustainability. This is not actually a trend, but a standard in the making. Sustainable products are needed and fortunately the beauty industry is responding well to this. Products are made from sustainable materials, packaging is recycled and plastic is avoided as much as possible. Soap and shampoo bars are a good example of this! Many products are also produced CO2 neutral. This year we will see even more developments when it comes to sustainability within the beauty industry, on to (even) finer beauty products!

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