Skincare and beauty trends Gen Z

Gen what?

Generation Z is the generation that follows the millennials. You belong to Gen Z if you were born between 1996 and 2010. The generation is known for the group that grows up completely digitally. Authenticity and sustainability are words that fit Gen Z, but how does that translate to the skincare and beauty trends? Are there differences with other generations when it comes to beauty and skincare? In this blog I try to create a picture of Gen Z and the skincare and beauty trends that go with it. Of course it is difficult to create an unambiguous picture of such a large group, so this is a small disclaimer that not everyone belonging to Gen Z actually does this ;).

From covering to skincare

There is a clear shift going on when we look at make-up use in Gen Z. This generation is no longer so focused on covering blemishes or blemishes, but is mainly concerned with caring for and keeping the skin healthy. For example, great importance is attached to a good skincare routine to keep the skin young and beautiful. In addition, having impurities is more accepted. The generation is more of "accepting what you look like" rather than hiding every possible commercial just to look as perfect as possible.

Product choice

Not only do we see a shift in the reason for skincare, the products also move with Gen Z. Products are mainly sustainable and of natural origin, in order to minimize the environmental impact that the beauty industry has on the world. Think of cream in glass jars, recycled material, cleaning and soap bars without plastic packaging material and biodegradable products, so that when they wash down the sink, it is not such a disaster. Still, it's not just Gen Z that's more concerned with the environment. The beauty industry itself is making great strides when it comes to environmental protection. A very good thing in my opinion!

Different looks

If we had to describe Gen Z in terms of makeup, words like natural, inclusive and diversity would fit well. This generation is also very busy with make-up and social media and you will find all the new trends on TikTok. Actually, anything is allowed, but you can especially be yourself and the standard beauty ideals are swept off the table more. If I had to create a certain image, it would be a more natural look with striking details such as bright eye makeup or special accessories.
It is difficult to generalize a group as large as this one, not everyone is involved in this way of course. The idea of ​​this blog is therefore to give you a bit of an idea about the broad lines of the beauty and skincare trends of Gen Z.

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