No more shaving irritation with these tips!

Hair removal can be done in many ways: waxing, depilatory creams, epilation, but the most common way of hair removal is still shaving. Shaving can be simple and quick, but unfortunately many women experience irritated skin, ingrown hairs or red bumps after shaving. Very annoying, but luckily there are a number of tips that make the chance of these annoying irritations a lot smaller, read along!

Cheap is expensive
As tempting as the disposable blades are, they are not always good for the skin. They often consist of only two shaving foils, are surrounded by hard plastic and do not move smoothly with the skin. Of course, these blades may be suitable for occasional use, or for the less sensitive areas, but better advice would be to invest in a good razor that you can replace the blades with and that has a soft edging around the blades. If you do shave with disposable blades, make sure you always shave with a new, sharp blade. The blunter the blade, the harder it glides over the skin and the more chance of shaving irritation.

Scrub scrub scrub!
By exfoliating before shaving, you remove dead skin cells, allowing you to shave closer to the skin. This gives you a smoother shave, but you also reduce the risk of shaving irritation because the skin is 'cleaner' before you start. Choose a fine scrub without alcohol and wait about fifteen minutes after scrubbing before shaving, because the skin is always a bit more sensitive after scrubbing. For the smallest chance of ingrown hairs, it is best to exfoliate twice a week.

Take your time
Shaving is a precise job, especially when it comes to the intimate areas. We all know it: quickly shave your legs or touch up your bikini line before you go and tadaa, you cut yourself or are just a little too hasty down there. Not nice, as it can cause more irritation. Take your time shaving! The more precisely you do it, the less chance of 'mistakes' such as cuts or irritations.

To soften
Heat and water make the skin and hair more supple, so it is wise not to start shaving immediately when you take a shower or bath. Let your skin warm up properly! When the skin and hair are more supple, the blade moves finer over the skin and there is a smaller chance of irritation or ingrown hairs.

The right products
Proper skin care is necessary before, during and after shaving. As mentioned before, you can exfoliate before shaving for a finer result. Using shaving cream while shaving ensures smooth contact between blade and skin, so that irritation or wounds are less likely to occur. Not a fan of shaving cream? A foamy shower gel is also possible! There are special shaving gels for the intimate areas and if you prefer to shave down there using soap, choose a soap especially for the intimate areas. After shaving you can use a cream for sensitive skin to nourish the skin and keep it calm. Choose natural products, chemicals such as alcohol are not skin-friendly and increase the risk of irritation.

Soft fabrics

This particle is specifically about the intimate zones. Although you prefer to put on your most beautiful lace underwear after shaving, it is wise to wear underwear made of cotton for the first few hours, or rather days. Lace underwear can be abrasive, which can irritate the skin.

You can use our dry brush daily or our hamman exfoliating glove just before shaving.