Prevent maskne by wearing a silk mask, plus tips!

Thank you.. facemask

The facemask has been part of our wardrobe for more than a year. Thank god we don't just have to wear boring facemask, but they are available in all kind of colors and designs. This might make wearing such a mask a bit more bearable and it might even match your outfit. Wearing such a mask all day long is not pleasant, but we can deal with that. Wearing a mask all day and also getting acne or blemished skin from it, on the other hand, is not nice. Wearing a facemask  for a long time can cause acne or impure skin with bumps and pimples, we call this a form of 'maskne'. You can read how this occurs and what you can do about it in this blog.

How does maskne happen?

Although it is often thought that maskne is caused by too little ventilation of the skin, the reason lies elsewhere. When we wear a facemask, this part of the skin gets warmer. In addition, it becomes more humid because we are continuously talking and breathing in the mask. Acne or blemishes arise or can be exacerbated by bacteria, and this is what causes maskne. Bacteria loves a warm moist environment and when we wear a facemask, we create this environment. This increases the number of bacteria, which increases the chance of maskne.

Silk to the rescue

As silk already offers us many benefits in other areas, it can also help us here. Silk is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and has natural moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties. This does not create the environment that the bacteria need, at least not to the same extent. Silk is also breathable, soft and therefore very comfortable. It has a less abrasive effect on the skin, which keeps the skin calmer and of course a silk facemask is automatically a beautiful facemask. Make sure you wear a facemask made of real silk and no fake silk or polyester satin.


Other tips for maskne

In addition to wearing a silk facemask, there are other things you can do to reduce or prevent maskne.

Clean your skin daily and thoroughly! Do it before you put on the facemask and preferably also after. By cleaning properly you remove all dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin. This is really a must!
Use as little makeup and oily creams as possible when you have to wear the mask. This creates a humid environment and clogs the pores.
Wash your mask often enough! Make sure you wear a fresh mask every day to ensure that you don't put the dirt and bacteria from the previous day on your face.

I hope you can get started with these tips if you suffer from maskne. I can't wait until we don't have to wear facemasks anymore, but until then we have to make the best of it by wearing facemasks with nice prints and fine fabrics that are comfortable and don't give us maskne, right?

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