What are the advantages of joining a members club?

'Are you already a member of the members club?' 'Do you have a loyalty card?' You probably recognize these questions immediately. Just about every store or shop has created a certain club or program for customers so that they can get extra benefits or great deals. This is called a 'customer reward program' and aims to reward the regular customers when they shop at the relevant store or webshop. In fact, such a program thanks you for your support / loyalty to the store or webshop by letting you save something or give something extra with every purchase. Although you may think it is a sales ploy, most reward programs do consist of nice extras and rewards. YOSMO also has such a members club! Wondering if it's worth it? Lees dan verder!

The philosophy behind the club

Many marketing and advertising strategies aim to gain as many customers as possible, this is of course good, but what could be better than new customers? Right, repeat customers. Reward programs are designed in such a way that returning customers are rewarded when they shop at the store or webshop. How nice is it that when you shop at your favorite store, you also get nice extras or, for example, receive priority over a collection? Reward programs are very diverse, but in most cases it is about saving credits or points that you get with every purchase. These credits can then be exchanged for discounts, great deals or exclusive products.

The YOSMO club

As mentioned, YOSMO also has a members' club. We at YOSMO are happy with our customers and would like to reward them. It works like this: with every purchase you make you receive credits, €1 = 1 credit, easy as that. Saving is automatic and the credits can easily be exchanged for a discount. This way you already have a five euro discount in your pocket after collecting one hundred and twenty-five credits! Of course there is also the possibility to earn extra credits. You are immediately rewarded when you join the members club with ten credits. In addition, you can save extra credits by signing up for the newsletter, sharing your birthday, spending more than seventy euros or by giving friends a discount.

It doesn't get any easier

As mentioned, the credit system is very simple, with every purchase the credits are automatically added to your account. All you have to do is check every now and then whether you have already saved a discount. You already have five euros with one hundred and twenty-five credits, ten euros with two hundred and fifty credits, et cetera. So you don't have to do anything for it, except score your favorite products with us. How cool is that? An additional advantage is that credits do not have to be exchanged for a certain time, you can save as long as you want. The YOSMO club: easy savings without having to do anything, will you join us?