Let’s talk silk!

The most popular item at the moment in our YOSMO shop; the Mulberry Silk Pillowcase! As you are used to from us, we only use the best material and work with the best manufacturers. That is why you can trust that we only use 100% pure silk for our products.

When we first introduced our Silk collection in 2018, we listed all the benefits in this blog post.

What is Mulberry silk and why is it better than other types of silk?

This comes from the cocoon of the silk moth that eats only the leaves of the mulberry tree. These moths live on a silk farm where no pesticides and fertilizers are used for the trees and are therefore completely Eco. In addition, the silk waste is recycled or reused.

Besides that the Mulberry silk is 100% natural fabric, it is also the highest quality silk because of the fine and even threads.

Now there can sometimes be a discussion about silk vs satin and that satin is less good than silk or that it is "fake". Well Satin is not a material but a way of weaving technique that makes the material shine. It can be made of cotton, polyester or silk. Here you have to pay attention when choosing silk.

At YOSMO we simply use nothing but the best silk type and therefore also 100% silk.

Did you know that..?

Real silk can be identified by burning it? When burning real silk, it becomes a black crispy ball and will smell like burnt hair.

Burning artificial silk makes the ash soft and chalky, which also smells like burnt paper.

At YOSMO you don't have to worry about taking this test because we guarantee that our products are 100% silk.

Briefly the benefits of silk again!

- Silk is durable and a natural product

- Silk is anti-allergic, anti-dust mite which makes it a natural hypoallergenic

- Silk regulates your temperature so you sweat less

- Silk gives your hair a shine and reduces frizz

- Silk is good for your skin and prevents breakouts and stretch marks

- Silk can be used all year round: warm in winter and cool in summer

Washing instructions silk

If you want to enjoy your silk products longer and optimally, always choose hand wash.

It is best to keep the water temperature at 30◦C.

Add a few drops of special silk detergent. In any case, make sure it is mild and no bleach is added. Soak your silk piece in the water for about 5 minutes. After this you can turn the piece a bit so that the detergent and water go through the whole fabric. Rinse your side piece again with lukewarm water at 30◦. Now comes the most important part where you should NOT wring out your silk piece. Use a towel or kitchen towel to blot the water. Finally, hang your silk piece but avoid direct sunlight.

The YOSMO Beautyfyme Silk products production process

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