Get inspired: Creative hairstyles with hair clips and claws from YOSMO

Creativity is everywhere nowadays: in work, the outside world, man himself. It's all about self-expression, being creative and coloring outside the lines. Everything is allowed and this is fantastic, it gives you the space to try and discover new things. Creativity is also playing an increasingly important role in the beauty world. In terms of make-up, we see the most special styles, clothing is becoming more creative and exuberant and hairstyles can be styled in any creative way possible. Are you not such a huge creative person yourself, but do you want to get some inspiration for creative hairstyles? Then read on! YOSMO lists the nicest creative hairstyles with the coolest hair clips and claws for you. 

Classic never dies
The 'Marie Claire' look is of course a classic, originally not the most creative look, but with the right hair clip or claw you can quickly give it your own twist. For this look, use the hair clip to gather all your hair together and vertically on the back of your head with a large clip. Make the look more creative by braiding your hair in the front or letting go of some strands. Do you want to go for the classy? Then use  pins on the front side. YOSMO has a wide range of hair clips, such as 'The Claw', which is available in various colours, designs and sizes. This hair clips are ideal for this look and add a creative touch to it. YOSMO also has one metal gold clamp, which is perfect for this look. This metal clip is very large, so this look can be worn even with very long hair.



Why just one?
Less is more? Not when it comes to hair clips! You can wear your hair half loose by securing the top strands with one clip, but how nice is it to put things up a bit more playfully with several clips? Use a number of small clips and casually secure the strands on top of your head with the clips. These can be the same, but different sizes and types make it even more creative. You can lightly backcomb the hair on top for some extra volume. Style the bottom or put curls in it, everything is allowed! YOSMO has different sizes so that there are always clips that suit your hair and your look.


Back in time with click-clack pins
You probably already had them in the past: the click-clack pins that look so nice on the side of your head. A pin like this gives your hairstyle that little bit extra. You can use them for loose picks in the front, but you can also wear your hair half loose by using several pins, instead of a large clip or elastic.


Lage knot
In a previous blog we already talked about making a messy bun using a hair clip or claw, but a hair clip is also very suitable for making a slightly neater, low bun. How do you do this? Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, hold your hair together with one hand and twist the hair into a bun or fold it in half several times, that's up to you. Make sure your clamp is big enough and clamp it all together. You can choose to partially secure the bun on your head or use the clip only to hold your hair together. Make sure the clamp is tight enough, otherwise your bun will sag quickly.


Half way, but different
Pinning your hair in the middle with a bobby pin is a loved look, and rightly so! This look is both practical and beautiful and will look good on just about anyone. With a nice clamp you make it even more fun. Want a slightly different look? Make two braids at the front and secure them halfway up your head with a clip. You can fasten them together, but also separately from each other. Want to make it even more creative? Braid a ribbon through it for the lovely cheerful look. YOSMO has all kinds of clips and claws, both large and small, basic or colored, always a clip that suits you. Check them out here!