Preparing your skin and hair for summer

Finally it's that time again: longer days, the sun that feels increasingly warmer and the smell of everything that is about to bloom. Spring is in full swing, but that means summer is also getting closer. Gone are the days of frozen hair, dry skin and cold hands: it's time to get ready for summer! But how do you do this best for your skin and hair? This blog contains a number of tips on how you can best prepare your skin and hair for summer: bring on that summer!


Effects of the sun
The sun has both positive and negative effects on the skin and hair. Sun rays on the skin ensure the production of vitamin D, a vitamin that is extremely important for, among other things, keeping bones and teeth strong. Vitamin D also ensures the production of keratin, the building block of hair and nails. Did you know that your hair grows twice as fast in the summer?! The direct effect of sun on the skin is good to a limited extent, it improves skin conditions and makes the skin calmer, but when your skin is exposed to the sun too much, dry skin can occur. In addition, we all know that staying unprotected in the sun for a long time is not a good idea, too much direct exposure to UV rays can eventually even lead to skin cancer. But it won't come to that, because with these tips your skin and hair are ready for summer.

Tips for the face
The very best tip is to use a face cream with SPF (sun protecting factor)! This way you always protect your skin against UV radiation and the skin ages less quickly. During the summer months, the skin on the face thickens to protect the skin from the sun and to maintain that beautiful even tan it is a good idea to exfoliate your face weekly during the summer months or scrub it with a gentle scrub. Also, do not use too much make-up during the summer months, because the layer of make-up prevents the skin from losing its heat, which can even cause irritation and redness. Use a light foundation or BB cream with SPF, so you keep your skin healthy, protect your skin and get a tan too!

Tips for the body
Spring and summer are all about bare legs, right? How wonderful is it when your skin is soft and has that summer glow! The golden tip for soft legs is to exfoliate: use an exfoliating glove or mild salt scrub and exfoliate your legs weekly. This way they stay soft and you ensure healthy skin, because you remove dead cells. The big advantage of scrubbing is that your skin also tans more evenly and the color stays longer, win! In addition to scrubbing, skin care is a must. After scrubbing, use an oil or body lotion (preferably without alcohol) and lubricate your legs with sunscreen when you go out into the sun.

Tips for the hair
Sun has a positive effect on hair growth, in addition, the hair can also become a lot lighter due to the sun's rays! Unfortunately, too much sun can also cause dry and frizzy hair due to UV rays. To keep your hair healthy during the sun months, you can use hair products with an SPF. Whether you choose a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil or mask: make sure you protect your hair when you go out in the sun. Enjoy the summer!

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