How do you choose a suitable hair towel/bonnet for your hair?

Silk is indispensable in the beauty world and that's a good thing. By sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wearing a silk hair bonnet, you take good care of your hair. Silk moisturizes, ensures that hair ends wear less and keeps hair in shape: every reason to sleep with silk! For those who are not such a fan of a silk pillowcase, a silk bonnet a nice alternative. Soft, comfortable and beautiful too. There are many different bonnets for sale, but how do you know which one you need for your hair? This blog describes the different types so that you know which one suits your hair and to be absolutely sure, I also invite you to check out the quiz to do!


As just mentioned briefly, wearing a silk bonnet has many benefits for your hair. It holds hair in place, keeps hair frizz-free and prevents those nasty kinks and bumps that sleep sometimes brings. Don't have time in the morning to style your hair? Do it the night before: protect your look with a silk bonnet and your hair will look perfect the next morning! Silk also moisturizes your hair and is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal. Wearing a silk bonnet is also super comfortable, the fabric is soft and feels nice.

The right fit
Wearing the right size bonnet is important for both comfort and the benefits that silk brings. You want your hair to have all the room you need, but the bonnet is tight enough so it doesn't slide off either. All YOSMO bonnets are made of 100% pure silk and available in the colors black, brown, gray and champagne, so there is always a color that suits you. All bonnets have a diameter of 58 cm with stretchy band and fit everyone. If the bonnet is too wide, you can easily make it tighter by tying the bonnet at the back.

Bonnet for short hair
The small bonnet is suitable for short hair. Are you in doubt? Then choose the small hairwrap: the small bonnet cannot be adjusted in terms of fit. A too-tight fit isn't comfortable, nor does it give your hair the room it needs, which can make it flat in the evening. The small hair towel is suitable for short hair as well as for slightly thinner, medium-length hair.

Medium hairwrap for medium length hair
The medium hairwrap bonnet is suitable for medium length hair. Do you have very thick hair? Then consider the large silk bonnet so that wearing the bonnet remains comfortable.

Large hairwrap for long hair
The large hairwrapr bonnet is suitable for very long hair or medium length, very thick hair. Do you have a large bunch of curls? Or does your hair come almost to your lower back? Then take the large silk bonnet, so your hair has plenty of room and it remains comfortable to wear the bonnet. If the bonnet is a bit too wide, you can tie it at the back for the right fit.

Tips on wearing a silk bonnet
The right bonnet has been chosen, time to wear it! But how do you do this? The easiest way is to flip your head so that your hair is upside down. Hold the bonnet with both hands and place it behind your neck. Move the bonnet towards your forehead to collect all the hair. When you reach the top of your head, try to collect the hair and tuck it into the bonnet. Everything in it? Tie the ends at the back of your neck and tadaa: the sleep look is ready. Good night and enjoy your healthy, styled hair in the morning.

Watch the video tutorial how to wear it best!