DIY: make face, skin and hair masks

A face or hair mask is optimal enjoyment, not only do you have radiant skin and shiny hair afterwards, it is also relaxing for a while. There are a lot of skin and hair masks on the market, but have you ever looked at the ingredient list? The masks often contain a lot of unnecessary additives such as alcohol and thickeners that are anything but good for your skin or hair. Luckily, making your own face, skin, and hair masks is simple, fun, and delicious. In this blog you will find a number of masks that you can make yourself easy peasy and that take care of your skin or hair. Good luck, but most of all: enjoy!

Peachy honey mask
Everybody loves peach! This mask is suitable for normal skin and has a nourishing, caring effect. It does take some time, but the end result is worth it! What do you need? A peach, a handful of oat flour (blend oatmeal for a while) and a tablespoon of honey. Pit the peach and cook until soft enough to mash. After you have boiled and mashed the peach, add some oatmeal and honey until it becomes a spreadable substance. Wait until it has a warm comfortable temperature and apply it to the skin for about fifteen minutes. Remove with lukewarm water and hello soft peach skin!

Avocado mask
This mask is suitable for drier skin, as avocado is full of vitamin E and healthy, skin-firming oils. Vitamin E is an anti-aging antioxidant and the oils provide hydrated and radiant skin. In addition to the face, this mask is also very suitable for the neck and décolleté. How are you? Mash a ripe avocado and mix with a drizzle of honey. Apply to your face and let sit for about ten minutes.

Fresh yogurt mask
For the slightly oilier skin, banana and yogurt are good ingredients, because banana, in addition to strengthening the skin, restores the sebum production balance, which is good for oilier skin. The yogurt stimulates collagen production and nourishes the skin. We only add honey to this mask: honey has a healing and antibacterial effect. What are you going to do? Mash a banana and add a dash of yogurt, add the honey until it becomes a spreadable whole and apply to the skin. Let it sit for about ten minutes and then remove it with lukewarm water. PS: this mask also works well against pimples.

Eggs and honey for the hair
We continue with hair masks! Eggs contain fat and proteins that nourish the hair and stimulate the moisture balance. In addition, egg contains the substance biotin, a substance that the hair needs to produce keratin (the basic molecule of our hair). It is therefore not surprising that eggs are a good ingredient when it comes to hair care. This mask consists of two eggs, a dash of honey and a dash of olive oil. Honey has an antibacterial effect and keeps the scalp healthy and the oil nourishes the hair. Mix the ingredients, apply generously to the hair and leave it on for at least two hours. It is useful to wrap your hair with aluminum foil or a shower cap / bathing cap. Charming? Not really, but everything for fine and caring hair, right?

Coconut for curls

Curly hair requires a different approach. A nice hair mask to make yourself especially for curls is one made with coconut oil. The base is only coconut oil, but you can optionally add an egg or honey. To use coconut oil for your hair, it's best to use organic, unrefined coconut oil. Dampen your hair, melt about two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply when the temperature is comfortable. Apply the largest amount to the drier, damaged areas and wear the mask for at least an hour. A shower cap or bath cap is handy! Then rinse with lukewarm water and use your shampoo and conditioner as you normally would. Soft, frizz-free hair guaranteed!

Simple scrub for the body
Although it's not a mask and doesn't really belong in the list, this is one recipe I don't want you to miss. This simple scrub consists of only two ingredients and makes your skin wonderfully soft. Mix salt and oil together until the right substance is created, you can choose olive oil, but coconut or another oil is also suitable. Apply the scrub generously to legs, buttocks, arms and/or stomach and rinse with warm water: hello soft skin.

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