The benefits of sleeping with a silk bonnet

The nightcap, used in the Middle Ages to keep the head warm and to protect against lice. Thank goodness used these days for very different reasons! Although the name nightcap doesn't sound very sexy, it has made a comeback in the beauty world these days, and for good reason! Wearing a nightcap, especially a silk bonnet, offers many benefits for the health of your hair. In this blog we highlight everything about the benefits of sleeping with a silk bonnet.

Silk is made from the silkworm and is nowadays an indispensable part of the beauty world. It is the most natural fabric that is very fine and strong. Because it is such a natural fabric, any skin and hair type can tolerate silk. Sleeping on silk is good for hair and skin, it can make your hair less greasy and stay more hydrated. In addition, sleeping on silk ensures smooth and shiny hair and healthy skin. It is therefore not surprising that the silk bonnet belongs in the beauty world.

THe advantages

Wearing a silk bonnet at night has many benefits, as just mentioned a few. It's the ideal solution if you don't like sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Following are all the benefits of wearing a silk bonnet.

  • Healthier hair. Sleeping with a silk bonnet reduces split ends. It protects your hair from dryness caused by friction between your hair and materials such as cotton. A silk bonnet also helps against tangles and thinning hair.
  • Better looking hair. For curly or wavy hair, a silk bonnet can help the curls hold their shape without causing kinks and lumps. It also prevents your hair from becoming frizzy, of course also with straight hair.
  • Hydrated hair. Silk helps to keep your hair moisturized, it works better than sleeping on cotton. This dries out your hair from root to tips because it draws moisture from your hair, silk does not and helps to keep your hair fresh.
  • Ready to go. A silk bonnet keeps your hair in shape. Don't have time in the morning to straighten or curl your hair? Just style or curl it the night before and wear the hairwrap over it, your hair will stay in shape! Saves a few hours of sleep in the morning too.
  • Silk is anti-allergic and against house dust mites, just the idea is nice!

Tips when buying a silk bonnet

There are many options available, but not everything is silk. Silk is often confused with satin. Satin is a weaving technique of a fabric, so in principle any fabric can be satin. If you buy a silk bonnet, check carefully whether silk has actually been used and not only satin is mentioned. Of course at YOSMO we offer only the best Mullberry silk so you don't have to worry about that part. In addition, it is important that you choose the right size, choose a larger bonnet if you have a lot of hair and a smaller one if you have less hair, of course. Sleep well!

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