The best hair trends with claws and clips can be found here!

Claws and clips, the accessories where the words beauty and practicality come together. We will see claws and clips in all kinds of forms this spring and this summer and that's a good thing. Such a clip can make your haircut just a bit more fun, and it is also extremely useful for when you actually want to wear your hair loose, but the hair in your face drives you crazy. Claws and clips come in all shapes, colors and sizes. You can read in this blog which hair trends, claws and clips we will mainly encounter.

Half back style

Loose hair is beautiful, but those hairs on your face are not always optimal. With a nice claw or clip halfway through your hair, this problem is solved of course! The half-back style has been a favorite for years and we will see a lot this year. The choice is huge, YOSMO has the mini claw that is perfect for not too large strands of hair or the metal hair clip in gold  that immediately completes your look. You can also combine this look with a braid: braid the sides of your hair and secure them with a cool claw or clip!


The +1 of your messy bun

Who doesn't love a messy bun? You can make a bun with a number of loose strands even more fun/playful by adding clip or claw! In addition, it can ensure that your messy bun stays on your head just a little more firmly and that is of course winning. What also makes a messy bun fun are multiple clips!

Everything in the clip

Instead of a bun or ponytail to keep your hair together, tie all the hair together and secure it with a big claw at the back of your head! Grab your hair from behind, twist it around your hand a few times and secure with a large claw. Cool, handy and an additional advantage: you can completely match the claw to your outfit. YOSMO has the perfect claw for this look. This claw is designed in no less than eight colors and easily binds thick and full hair together.

Up those hairs!

Instead of tying all the hair together, you can also partially secure your hair with a clip or claw that you lift up from your neck. You attach part of the hair, leave the other part out. This way you get a kind of tail, but completely different. Hard to imagine perhaps, but give it a try. It is helpful to use a large and strong claw or clip that is strong enough to hold the hair together. This look works best on very thick or curly hair.

Claw as a hair elastic

This look is a bit like the previous one, but of course slightly different. A claw is used as a hair elastic and used to make a tail. Gather your hair together, make a strand by twisting it, fold this strand over your head towards your forehead and then secure this strand at the back of your head with a claw. This way the strand falls back nicely over the claw and gives you a tail that is slightly different. Inspired by all these ideas? Check out YOSMO's claws and clips, you'll love them!