The nicest, most creative hairstyles with the silk scrunchies and hair elastics from YOSMO

Thank god for scrunchies: the little accessory that gives your hairstyle a different look in no time. Small, large, velvet, with print, plain, scrunchies come in all shapes and sizes and nowadays you will also find the greatest diversity of hair elastics. It's high time to list the nicest, most creative hairstyles where the scrunchies and hair elastics come in handy.

The casual bun
We all love it, the messy bun. Practical and fun too and with a scrunchie you make your haircut just a little more playful. You can choose to first make the bun with a regular elastic and put the scrunchie around it afterwards, but you can also make the bun directly and use the scrunchie as an elastic. Let loose wax strands at the front for an extra playful effect. You can use a small scrunchie for a subtle look, but you can also go big with an extra large scrunchie, everything is possible!

The high tight ponytail
A look that is both neat and cool and with a scrunchie you give your look that little bit extra. Comb your hair into a tight ponytail on top of your head and tie it back with a regular elastic to keep it in place. Then grab your favorite scrunchie and complete the look!

Knot on top
You can wear your hair half loose in many ways, for example with a small bun halfway through your head. You can secure this with a snap, clamp or elastic, but of course also with a scrunchie. It is useful to use a slightly smaller scrunchie so that your bun remains visible. YOSMO has made smaller scrunchies from pure silk that are perfect for this look.

Braid x tail
This look does take some practice, but is great for both casual and special occasions. Braid your hair (not too tight!) about halfway up your head, use a regular elastic to secure the braid, and finish with a scrunchie. You can also make two braids and put them together later. The rest of your hair is up to you, curl or straight? Stroke or wave? Let's go!













Two knots
This look is a bit daring anyway, but so much fun and especially when the festival season is coming. Use small scrunchies on the buns to make them stand out even more, nice!

Silk scrunchies from YOSMO
YOSMO has scrunchies in all kinds of colors and sizes so that there is always a scrunchie that suits you and your look. There are also silk scrunchies, which, in addition to being incredibly cool, are also good for your hair. Silk does not dry out the hair and does not damage it: win-win! Which scrunchie look are you going to try?

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