5 beauty essentials everyone needs

Although taste is debatable, there are a number of must-haves when it comes to skin and hair care. These products all contribute to the health of your skin or hair and should therefore not be missing in your bathroom. This blog emphasizes the importance of these essentials once again, so that (if one is missing) you have a good reason to supplement your bathroom cabinet. Any reason to spoil yourself is a good one, right?

1. Day cream

Having a good day cream is a must! The skin on our face is exposed to all kinds of factors on a daily basis: wind, rain, dust particles, cold or heat. Extra support for the skin contributes to the health of your skin. Most skin types in our areas require extra moisture, so a moisturizing day cream is a good basis for taking care of your skin.

2. Cleanser

As mentioned, our skin is exposed to all kinds of factors, fine dust particles or other dirt can end up on our skin. That is why it is important that the skin is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day and not only intended to remove make-up. Cleaning the skin ensures clean pores, cell renewal and reduces the chance of impurities. Cleansers come in many varieties and for many skin types. A general advice I would like to give is to use a cleanser without alcohol or perfume, because these substances dry out the skin.

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3. Just scrub!

There is nothing better than a nice scrub. Besides the fact that it feels nice and your skin is soft after exfoliating, it is also good and in some cases even necessary for the skin. The scrub removes old cells and stimulates cell renewal. You will notice that when you exfoliate your skin regularly, it shows less impurities and looks beautiful and well-groomed. If I may give an extra tip with this one: opt for a scrub on a natural basis. Unfortunately, small plastic microbeads are added to many products for the exfoliating effect, these plastic beads are harmful to the environment and are also not nice for the skin. If you choose our hammam scrub glove, you will have an even skin without having to use products. Order yours here.


4. Perfume 

The finishing touch when it comes to your outfit, if it's up to me. Everyone needs a fine perfume that suits him or her. Did you know that perfumes smell different on every skin? This can be due to many different things, the acidity of your skin and hormones play a role, among other things.

5. Dry shampoo

Washing your hair every day is something that many people no longer do and is actually not necessary. But sometimes you want the freshness of washed hair, without washing it. Luckily, there's dry shampoo out there! Dry shampoo is used on the roots of the hair and it absorbs unnecessary oils on the scalp, gives the hair volume, makes it look fresh and also smells good. Dry shampoo is ideal for when you don't have a lot of time to wash your hair, or when you don't find it necessary to wash your hair yet, but want fresh hair. That is why, in my opinion, dry shampoo deserves a worthy place in the list of essentials described in this blog!

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