Upcoming beauty trends for skin, hair and makeup

No industry is as sensitive to innovation as the beauty industry. New trends and styles emerge every season, including this fall. After a summer full of sea, beach and sun, it's time to prepare our face, skin and hair for autumn and winter. Wondering what the fall of 2022 will bring you when it comes to beauty trends? Then read on!

Tight slickback

Where the messy bun was happening last year, it's another story this fall. The tight bun returns so the jars of gel and hairspray can make their return. In addition, it is the solution for when your hair is a bit oilier, but you don't want to wash it yet: comb those hairs back and you're still trendy too. Win win!

The 90's Bob

Everything comes back, including the 90s bob, also known as the pixie bob. This haircut is playful, contains a lot of layers and is slightly shorter in the neck. Whether with bangs, slanted bangs or without: everything is possible with this haircut, as long as it is short and playful.

Accessories all over

The days of 'less is more' are over this fall. The accessories are coming back, but really back. Handbags, bracelets and rings are the trend. But also accessories on the face and not just during the festival season. Glitter, stones or chains on the face are no surprise this fall. What emerges above all is that it does not have such strict rules. Accessories don't necessarily have to match and it can all be a bit looser and stacked. A nice trend, if you ask me.

Lips are back

The trend of the natural makeup look continues this year, but with a striking change: lips are back. Lips can stand out this fall! Especially the contrast with the natural makeup look is special. Red, purple, black? The color doesn't matter: as long as the lips stand out.

Bleached eyebrows

Mainly seen on the runway, but bleached brows are a thing. This extreme look is not for everyone, but it is special.

Colored eye makeup and eyeliner

As with the accessories, it can all be a bit looser and wilder in terms of eye makeup. Bright eyeshadow colors are all the rage and colored eyeliner is almost standard this fall. Nice to give your look that little bit extra, isn't it?


Just like the trixie bob, the 90's headbands are back. Wide, narrow, colored: everything is possible. A headband is also ideal for when you want to wear your hair loose, but don't want it in your face. In addition to the headbands, we see more hair trends based on both the nineties and further back in time. We will see loose braids, but you will also encounter the term 'volume' a lot. Just think of the voluminous hairstyles from the seventies that we often know from movies or 'that 70's show'.

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