Dutch beauty and skincare culture

Korea has K-beauty, America focuses on improving the skin, Morocco uses many oils, but what is typically Dutch when it comes to beauty and skincare? The Netherlands is a country in which many different cultures come together, so it is difficult to describe the Dutch skincare culture as one thing. We can state in advance that the beauty industry is important to us Dutchies, but that we are less involved in it than, for example, Korea. In this blog I try to map the Dutch beauty and skincare culture as clearly as possible and to identify differences with other well-known beauty cultures. What is not missing in any bathroom cabinet of the average Dutch woman? And which things would we rather skip?

Simple and effective

In order to answer the question, I looked for countless examples of Dutch women who share their skincare routines, although there are of course differences, a number of things are fairly similar. I think you can describe the Dutch skincare routine as simple and effective, but with not too much fuss. Most women in the Netherlands use a day or night cream anyway and certainly clean their face at the end of the day. The Dutch woman also scrubs her face from time to time and masks are regularly used, especially among the younger generations.

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There is also a difference in the age of the Dutch woman. The younger women mainly focus on cleansing and preventing aging, the older women make more use of products that really treat the skin, such as anti-wrinkle creams or anti-aging creams. Since the rise of influencers and social media, skincare for the younger woman has become more important. More attention is being paid to it, compared to years ago.

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How important is skincare to us?

I also searched for how important skincare is for the Dutch woman. Various studies have shown that Dutch women attach less value to skin care than, for example, someone from Spain. The same research shows that Dutch women are the least insecure about their skin. Special, right? Of course, such studies do not create a very concrete picture, but it is nice to read that Dutch women mainly stick to the basics when it comes to skin care compared to other countries.

More differences

If we compare the Dutch beauty and skincare culture with, for example, Korean skincare, we can still learn a lot when it comes to preventing skin aging. Koren skincare focuses enormously on prevention and starts with skin care at a very young age, mothers teach their children early on what is important in the field of skincare. The Dutch skincare culture is not very broad and mainly sticks to the basics: a good day and night cream, a cleanser to remove make-up and dirt and the occasional mask or scrub. Simple, but effective!


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